Your Guide to Summer Fun in Main Line

Summer is a great time for people and especially families to catch their breath and get some much-needed R&R. Around the Main Line, we try to make summer as memorable as possible with fun community events that will provide a year’s worth of good times in just a few months.

Here are some of the most notable summer events in Main Line:

Devon Horse Show
May 21-24 (Thu-Sun)

The Devon Horse Show is without a doubt the Main Line’s biggest event, and it is coming up soon. Come enjoy shopping at the country fair, sipping mint tea in the warming summer sun and of course marveling at the gorgeous mares, foals, fillies, ponies, stallions and countless other horse types on display.

The Bryn Mawr Hound Show
Saturday, May 30

These pooches may not be as boldly beautiful or well-kept as the horses on display in Devon, but they will nevertheless capture your heart with their lovability and dogged demeanors. Watch as beagles, bassets and foxhounds all compete to be awarded as the best pack or the best dog in the show. Luncheon and dinner will be held and food trucks will also be on site to keep you from working up an appetite while listening to the bugle calls and beagle bays.

Bryn Mawr Twilight Concert Series

Bryn Mawr’s gazebo is a hotspot for Main Line families to have a fun night out and soak in some of the best local and regional sounds in a live setting. Bring a lawn chair or some blankets to make the event both relaxing and memorable. Click here for the full 2015 concert schedule.

Playing in the Dirt at the Tyler Arboretum
All summer long!

One of the biggest trials of the summer is getting your kids out of the house and also keeping them from complaining about their boredom. The Tyler Arboretum can nip sluggish summer blues in the bud with fun activities and events for kids of all ages.

Teach your children the joys of gardening with the Garden Sprouts program, or get them fascinated in nature with Tiny Trackers. The kiddies will also love the Fairy and Wizardry Festival, complete with stories and music.

Older children and adults alike can enjoy themed walks in the gardens, such as their bird walks and twilight walks. Tyler at Twilight is an adult’s night out kind of event, providing a relaxing garden party, cocktails, live music and auctions. Click here for the Arboretum’s full events calendar.

Media Downtown Car Show
Sunday, July 12 11 a.m. – 4p.m.

Everyone loves a gorgeous classic car, and luckily for them hundreds are on display every summer in downtown Media. The annual Car Show draws people from Philadelphia, New Jersey, Maryland and other reaches of the Atlantic states to marvel at the impressively gleaming chrome and sheet metal on display. Vehicles are only allowed to register the day of the event, so you never know what you may see while you are there! Media keeps its shops and restaurants open, too, so you can have the chance to make a day of it.

This is just a small sample of the good times summer in Main Line can offer. Whether you are strolling through the Newtown Square farmer’s market or celebrating our nation’s birthday at Narberth’s renowned Fourth of July celebration, you are sure to love every second of the lazy summer months.

Anyone who wants to enjoy this type of luxurious recreation all year round should consider moving into one of the luxury homes in Devon or anywhere else on the Main Line. Visit our luxury Main Line listings to discover your new home today.

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Ways to Improve Your Luxury Home’s Curb Appeal This Spring

Getting your home’s curb appeal in shape can feel much easier when started in spring. Plantings will flourish, trimmed landscaping will bounce back luxuriantly and the sunlight will bathe your home in a very flattering ambiance.

To achieve all these effects, you must start thinking about curb appeal as soon as possible. Just a few projects can dramatically improve the attractiveness of your home both online and in person. Here are some ways that sellers of luxury homes in Berwyn or other Main Line communities can boost their home’s curb appeal:

De-Clutter Your Grounds

The first step to getting the inside of your home looking nice is to pick up and organize all of the excess belongings. Your yard is no different. Too many plants, shapes and visual lines can create “noise” when the buyer is trying to take the front view in as a whole.

Solve this problem by mercilessly hacking away at undergrowth, low branches and messy-looking shrubs. Try to select a few focal highlights — such as a flowerbed in the front, the shrubs lining your porch, a row of saplings, a beautiful old-growth tree, etc. — and eliminate any distractions that de-emphasize these elements.

Also get rid of outdoor tool storage, children’s toys and other personal items like lawn ornaments that weaken the visual structure of your lawn. You can spare one or two if they “anchor” an area such as a planting bed, but never have more than that in one lawn area.

One common piece of clutter sellers forget is their car. Park it in the garage, or the buyer may think you do not have enough storage in the rest of your home.

Landscape for Beauty

Hire an expert landscaping crew, or engage in a series of weekend projects if you have the time/energy/desire, and start to create elements that enhance the look of your landscaping. Edge lawns and create appealing shapes with negative space created by mulch or flower beds. Plant new growth in areas that look barren and shape shrubs or trees that still look too “busy” after the previous step.

Best places to emphasize:

●Keep clean lines around driveway with a well-trimmed lawn or a minimalistic mulched area with ornamental plants

●Any large trees in the front yard can be surrounded by a small circle of mulch with a border to break up lawn space

●Flowering plants look best near the road, the mailbox and the entrance to give buyers a sense of “welcoming”

●Consider side views or your back yard as part of curb appeal if your driveway or a side street reveals them during a buyer’s approach

Make a Grand Entrance

Tackling the lawn is the most difficult step, but surprisingly it is not the most important. In addition to a well-kept landscape, you will want buyers to feel like they are on a journey as they move from their vehicle to the interior of the house.

Clear plants well away from 2-3 feet of the front pathway and driveway. Be sure that the steps to the front door or stoop are flanked by ornamental shrubs or colorful flower beds. Using potted plants or raised flower boxes in these situations can make the area look even more organized and low maintenance.

Focus much of your efforts on the door itself. A door should be brand new or freshly painted for maximum effect, which also happens to give the biggest return on investment of any home improvement. Use a complementary color, and consider something bold like a deep navy or a bright red if it works with your exterior color scheme.

Further enhance the entrance with new hardware and shiny, noticeable house numbers. A lantern-style porchlight can give a sense of security and safety even during the day. If you have a large enough porch, use two flower pots by the front door as “sentries” greeting visitors and lending a sense of visual completeness as you cross into the home.

Some home sellers even go all out by using decorative tiles on the step risers (the vertical part of the step) or creating bold landing points out of stone pavers. Do anything you can to beautify your home in such ways, and buyers will flock to your house and walk inside in a good mood after taking in all the gorgeous exterior visuals.

For more advice on selling your luxury Main Line real estate property, consider using our expert real estate services. Visit our information page to learn more.

Meta desc: Spring is the best time to think about curb appeal. Just a few projects can dramatically improve the attractiveness of your home both online and in person.

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In-Depth Community Real Estate Profile: Berwyn

Berwyn is a small but spirited community located in Chester County off Lancaster Ave/US Hwy 30, about four miles east off of the I-476 crossing. The census designated place occupies less than two square miles and has a population of around 3,500 residents.

Despite being so small, Berwyn is bursting with distinctive personality. The tiny locale boasts a venerable community theater, several high quality restaurants and the best public high school on the Main Line.

Things to Do in Berwyn

Berwyn residents are more fortunate compared to some of the smaller Main Line communities. They do not have to venture outside of their town limits to find fun activities and culture.

Perhaps Berwyn’s biggest claim to fame is its Footlighters Theatre, which is the oldest community theatre on the Main Line. Founded in 1929, the Theatre produces seven shows a season, including two musicals. The company performs in a historic converted church that was first constructed in 1888.

Cassatt Crossing is another local landmark. The building once housed the Berwyn Theater, with live performances featuring well-known actors. It was converted into a movie theater in the ’40s, then converted again in 1951, becoming a roller skating rink. Dick Clark used to host a rock hop at the rink featuring famous music acts. Today, Cassatt Crossing is an office building, noted for preserving elements of its original architecture.

Berwyn packs several notable restaurants into its tiny town limits, including:

●Nectar — Pan Asian sushi and fusion cuisine

●Tiramisu — 100% authentic Jewish-Roman cuisine in a centuries old tradition

●Alfredo Italian BYO — Hand rolled gnocchi, comfortable atmosphere and BYOB

●Em J’s Cafe — Local favorite serving up breakfast all day and gourmet dinners at night

●Berwyn Tavern — Unassuming local watering hole with comfort food and familiar faces

Living in Berwyn

One of Berwyn’s most notable characteristics is its excellent public services. The area is served by the Tredyffrin-Easttown School District, which includes the prestigious Conestoga High School. Conestoga consistently ranks in the top public schools in the nation and often tops Pennsylvania’s list of top public schools. You can read more about the “Stoga” by looking at our Main Line high schools article. The district also maintains the Easttown Library and Information Center off of First Ave.

Professionals living in Berwyn enjoy a brisk 20-25 minute commute to Philadelphia and an even shorter one to Conshohocken. The SEPTA rail also has a station across Lancaster Ave. Best of all, the Berwyn Tavern is located within walking distance of the station, offering a chance to catch up with friends after work.

Residents of Berwyn have a higher standard of living, owing mostly to the sizable median household income of $105,000. Most people work in sales, administration or management. Sensor manufacturer TE Connectivity, formerly Tyco Electronics, has its headquarters in Berwyn and provides locally-based working opportunities for some residents.

Luxury Homes in Berwyn

Berwyn boasts both new and historic luxury real estate properties. The median sales price was $520,000 between December 2014 and March 2015, and the average listing price is currently an astounding $1.1 million thanks to some high profile estate properties currently on the market.

To find a Berwyn luxury home of your own and enjoy the passionate community spirit, take a look at our Berwyn luxury real estate listings.

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Outdoor Fun in Main Line

The Main Line area is blessed with a temperate climate and no shortage of natural beauty. Now that spring is in the air and the weather is becoming beautiful, many Main Line families are taking advantage of this blissful time by seeking outdoor adventures.

Families, children and adults alike can all enjoy getting outside and basking in the splendor that Mother Nature has to offer. Here are some of the best outdoor activities that Main Line residents love doing:

Bask in a Garden’s Glow

The rich history of Main Line has seen many wealthy families come and go. Some of these family members were so passionate about horticulture that they have left a permanent legacy to all the later generations.

Main Line families can visit these testaments of appreciation to natural beauty and spend an afternoon walking, taking in blissful sights or learning about the plants and trees that grow there year after year.

The Tyler Arboretum in Media is a popular place to spend such an afternoon. It is one of the oldest tree gardens in the northeast. With 650 acres, 20 miles of hiking trails through diverse landscapes and plenty of guided tours and workshops, you will have to come back hundreds of times to see everything they have to offer.

Chanticleer Gardens is an even more beautiful spot to soak in some of the prettiest foliage nature has to offer. Located on a former estate in Wayne, these gardens are carefully curated by an expert staff. The landscapes are so enchanting that many people decide to hold their weddings here.

Frolic in a Field

Freedom Playground in Haverford is a huge complex of sports fields and a giant playground structure, with plenty of interactive areas and fun obstacles to let kids run wild. There are pretend houses, battleships, villages and steering wheels along with impromptu instruments that all stimulate children’s imaginations. Best of all, the park was designed with universal principles in mind, so people of all abilities and accessibility needs can enjoy themselves!

Be Regaled About the Revolution

Valley Forge is one of the most important sites of our nation’s history. The National Historic Park has taken great pains to preserve battle sites and colonial villages that give children and adults alike a rich taste of history. With plenty of walking tours, interactive sites and pretty spots to take a pause, the park can be an excellent place to spend the weekend.

For kids that may need some convincing that history can be both fun and fascinating, try the Valley Forge Secrets & Spies program, where children get to help foil a plot to kidnap George Washington.

Get Away from It All

An amazing trait of the Main Line is that it is situated perfectly between urban, suburban and natural areas. There are several state and national parks within a short driving distance of most communities. Ridley Creek State Park and Wissahickon Valley Park are two excellent spots for fishing, camping, rafting, hiking, rock climbing or simply taking in a quick picnic amongst the trees.

Other Main Line families enjoy visiting nearby farms, such as Linvilla Orchard or the Ardmore Farmers’ Market, to pick up fresh produce and enjoy a sunny afternoon of shopping amongst the market stalls.

To get a taste of this natural splendor all year round, consider moving into one of our idyllic Main Line communities. Take a look at our Main Line real estate listings for luxury homes in Ardmore and other communities along the Main Line.

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In-Depth Community Real Estate Profile: Havertown

Havertown is a fairly large suburban community around 30 minutes west of Philadelphia along the West Chester Pike. It is also situated conveniently next to the I-476 junction, just a few miles further down the Pike.

The community is significantly larger than most Main Line towns, with around 50,000 people living in the neighborhoods and outlying areas. A majority of the land consists of subdivisions interspersed with shopping areas and parks. A large Irish population traditionally calls the area home, causing it to be referred to in jest as the “33rd county” of Ireland.

Havertown has seen significant development in recent years geared towards enriching the lives of the community. It is one of the quickest growing suburban communities outside of Philadelphia, and enjoys a high quality of life as a result of the growing local services.

Community Resources in the Havertown

A huge amount of recreational facilities makes Havertown fun and enjoyable for families. There are over 30 outdoor parks and playing field complexes, including the mile-long Pennsy Trail that links hundreds of private lots to Veterans Park. Inside Veterans Park is the Skatium, a multi-use public skating rink complex.

The Haverford Township Community Recreation & Environmental Center (CREC) is another facility worth boasting about. It is a $7.4 million complex that is LEED certified and geothermal powered. Residents can enjoy the double gymnasium, multi-use rooms, fitness center, walking track and an outdoor nature area. There are also community classes available, such as yoga, spinning, cooking and crafts.

CREC’s building sits on the Haverford Reserve, the former site of a coal-fired power plant and the Haverford State Hospital. The reserve itself has 5 miles of trails over wetlands, old growth forests and wildlife habitats. There is even a dog park and the enormous Freedom Park playground.

Other facilities include the Haverford Area YMCA and the Haverford Township Free Library. Golf lovers also flock to Havertown for its six nearby country clubs, including two locations of the prestigious Merion Golf Club.

Living in Havertown

While the majority of Havertown is suburban neighborhoods, there are plenty of commercial areas dotting the community. The Shops at Manoa Center offer many fine stores along with a Super Fresh grocery location. Town favorite restaurants include JD McGillicuddy’s Pub, Barnaby’s of Havertown and Giampino’s Italian Restaurant.

Residents are served by the Haverford School District, which is one of the finest in the region. Students attend Haverford Middle School, Haverford Senior High School and one of five elementary schools as they prepare for a successful life ahead of them. The Main Line also has plenty excellent colleges nearby, letting students save on room and board and ensuring they will never be too far from home.

Luxury Havertown Real Estate

Havertown is a mixed-income area of both middle and upper class residents. 88 percent of them work salaried jobs in the Philadelphia area, mostly in administration, sales and management. The median household income is $86,000.

Since there is a mix of incomes, the median sales price and average listing price for homes sits just under $300,000. There are also many larger properties that exceed $500,000 with enough bedrooms and bathrooms for a large family.

To find a Haverford luxury home of your own and enjoy the abundance of local recreational activities, take a look at our Haverford luxury real estate listings.

Meta desc: Havertown is a suburban community 30 minutes west of Philadelphia along the West Chester Pike. It is perfect for active families, boasting over 30 outdoor parks and playing field complexes.

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Staging Secrets for Your Luxury Home

Home staging is emerging as one of the most important components in a luxury home sale. Creating a great impression can give buyers the sense that they are buying a lifestyle rather than a home. If they walk through a beautiful Gladwyne luxury home and see that it has potential to look great, they will try to negotiate and get themselves in the door with enough cash left over to furnish and remodel. However, if they see a home that is completely finished and well-staged, they will be more likely to think that the home is great as-is and worth a more competitive bid.

Statistically, well-staged homes tend to sell quicker and for a better price. To ensure that your luxury Main Line real estate sale can reap these benefits, here are some lesser-known ideas to get your creative gears turning:

Start Packing Early

One of the easiest methods to get started staging is to begin packing your home before you even list. This strategy accomplishes several things:

●You get to declutter and organize, enhancing the appearance of storage spaces

●You have the opportunity to de-personalize — buyers can have poor imaginations, so if they see other’s personal memorabilia or collections throughout the house they can become less excited about the idea of buying

●You get to think about rearranging rooms without excess belongings in the way

●Making renovations like painting or installing new fixtures becomes easier

With around 30-60 percent of your packing done early, you have made significant headway towards the moving process, and you have the chance to become inspired as you break up and reconstruct floor arrangements.

Do Some Research

Your agent will likely know of several other similar listings on the market. Ask them to take you on a tour through them and point out the elements that the particular seller took the time to create. Having a “walk and talk” can be a great way to break out of mental constraints. You will be able to get all sorts of ideas that could improve the look of your home.

Stage 100 Percent of the Home

When staging, be sure you do not miss areas. Every room and space in the house will be important to the buyer. Some sellers can spend so much time focusing on their living room or master bath that they let other elements fall by the wayside. This oversight can be quite harmful to your efforts, breaking the illusion you worked so hard to create.

Be sure to include:

●Landscaping and curb appeal — The exterior of your home is just as vital as interior staging since it will dictate the buyer’s first impressions

●Children’s rooms — Never assume that someone will overlook or be uninterested in a child’s room, a rec room or playroom. If they poke their head in and notice that these rooms are cluttered and unstaged, it could sour their view of the rest of the house

●Mud rooms, utility rooms — Storage is high on the priority list for buyers, and staging a laundry room to look like chores will be effortless is another plus

●Garage — So many people neglect the garage when staging. People who will be storing luxury cars will want a garage that looks fitting. Paint and finish all surfaces, remove everything from the floor, invest in new, modern-looking shelving and ensure that you can actually fit two vehicles in an advertised two car garage.

●Storage space in attic, basement, closets — Do not miss a single space assuming the buyer will not mind clutter squirreled away in hard-to-reach areas. Rent a storage unit if need be.

Consider Getting a Pro

Professional home stagers can be costly, but they may well be worth the more pleasant selling experience in the end. Even if you do not hire a stager, you can rent furniture or art on your own to add to your available resources.

Always entrust an expert realtor to help you sell your luxury home, as well. Someone with experience in the luxury market will bring many proven ideas to the table, and they can offer feedback and advice that enhances the unique character of your home. Visit our luxury real estate selling information page to find out more, where you can fill out a simple contact form and learn how to maximize the appeal of your luxury home.

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In-Depth Community Real Estate Profile: St. Davids

St. Davids is a tiny community located within the Radnor-Wayne area. In fact, St. Davids is almost the size of a large neighborhood, taking up less than a full square mile. Within this miniscule space, the community packs a lot of personality and character. An abundance of 18th century stones houses and winding local roads lend a heavy sense of charm to the locale.

Wayne is the official source for many municipal amenities in St. Davids, even sharing its ZIP code. The area is still uniquely identified by its railway station and its heritage, owing its name to an 18th century stone church built by early Welsh settlers.

Overall, St. Davids is a unique offshoot of the Radnor-Wayne section of the Main Line. It offers great opportunities for families looking to live and work in the Philadelphia area.

Living in St. Davids

Most of St. Davids consists of small neighborhood roads crisscrossing between Conestoga Rd. and Lancaster Ave. Ithan Creek winds through the area, creating peaceful scenes in backyards and parks. Despite being predominantly residential, there are still plenty of activities and businesses to enjoy.

One of the most popular sites in the area is St. Davids Community Park. This idyllic park has a playground area, picnicking sites and beautiful trails winding around lush gardens and water features. Residents love being able to walk or ride bikes here to spend a tranquil weekend afternoon.

Encke Park lies less than a mile to the southeast. It boasts two baseball diamonds, playing fields and a new, colorful playground that just opened up in the fall of 2014. Visitors can also start their wayward journey along the 2.4 mile Radnor Trail. This paved scenic byway starts behind the John Cappelli Golf Range, cuts through wooded backlots in Wayne, meanders past Friends of Radnor Trail Park and ends at the Shopping Center on Sugartown Road.

In addition to public parks, there are also a few notable businesses in St. Davids. The Beer Yard, for instance, is an unassuming distributor and package store offering hard-to-find cases and six packs of craft or imported brews. They help run local events like beer tastings and celebrations of all things hoppy.

St. Davids Square Shopping Center is a retail space with notable chains like Bed Bath & Beyond, Giant Food Pharmacy and a Smashburger. Mom and pop businesses like St. Davids Cleaners lend a more local vibe to the center as well.

Luxury Homes for Sale in St. Davids

Over 95 percent of St. Davids residents work well-paying salaried jobs. The per capita income is $47,220, and the median family income is $105,680.

An affluent population creates a high demand for St. Davids luxury homes. Many of the homes available are historical or have been designed to evoke the historical nature of the neighborhoods. The median sales price was $547,000 and the average listing price was $834,764.

To find your own gorgeous property and call this wonderful community “home,” you can take a look at our St. Davids luxury real estate listings.

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In-Depth Community Real Estate Profile: Paoli

Paoli is one of the smallest communities on the Main Line, with only 5,600 people residing in two square miles. Since the area is so small, almost the entirety of Paoli lies within one large neighborhood.

The SEPTA commuter rail line used to end in Paoli, but now it continues to Malvern or Thorndale, depending on the schedule. People who work in Philadelphia, Conshohocken or other economic hubs along the Main Line enjoy convenient commutes without having to put mileage on their car. The average commute time from Paoli to Philadelphia takes 45 minutes, which is excellent for a community enjoying relative seclusion from urban areas 25 miles away.

Activities in Paoli

Despite being a concentrated, mostly residential community, Paoli has plenty of businesses and activities. Local favorite restaurants include TJ’s Restaurant & Drinkery, Our Deli & Meats sandwiches, Seafood USA fresh market and restaurant and a location for the locally-based chain Nudy’s Cafe. For people wanting to hone their culinary skills for home use, the Kitchen Workshop serves up cooking classes regularly for aspiring chefs of all ages.

For people looking to hone their athletic skills, too, the Waynesboro Country Club is less than a mile away. Paoli is also home to the Philadelphia Curling Club, one of the only places in the region to try out the unique, challenging and growing sport.

Education in Paoli

Paoli is bisected by the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District and the Great Valley School District, both of which offer excellent educational opportunities. Those living closer to Tredyffrin in particular have the benefit of attending Conestoga High School.

This venerable school has been consistently voted the best public school in Pennsylvania and frequently ranks on U.S. News and World Report’s best high schools in the country. Seniors regularly perform 70 points higher and upwards than the national average in SAT scores, and 95 percent of students taking Advanced Placement Exams achieve a score of three or higher (on a scale to five), earning them college credit.

While there are many excellent colleges on the Main Line to attend where students could save on tuition by living at home, Conestoga students often study at some of the most prestigious schools in the country. Every graduating class since 2009 has sent one or more students to Ivy League Colleges, MIT, Duke, Johns Hopkins and other well-known higher learning institutions.

Tredyffrin Public Library System operates a library in Paoli that provides food for thought for both students and adults in the area. Paoli also has the Revolutionary War site of the tragic Paoli Massacre, a destination for history buffs and school field trips from around the entire region.

Luxury Homes for Sale in Paoli

The median income for a family is slightly more modest for Paoli than many areas of the Main Line at $70,000. As such, home prices are more consistent with average suburban areas, with a median sales price of $300,000. Home values in the area still remain higher than average at $500,000. There are also plenty of Paoli luxury homes for sale with five bedrooms and sprawling acreage, holding values of a million and upwards for wealthier home buyers.

Overall, Paoli is a pleasant, peaceful town that still holds much of the character of Main Line’s older communities. To find a gorgeous place that will let you call Paoli home, take a look at our Paoli luxury home listings.

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Finding the Right Realtor for Your Luxury Home

More so than regular home sales, finding a good listing agent for your luxury home is incredibly important. The luxury home market is all about appearances, networking, experience and professional work habits.

To help you find a realtor who is capable of all four of these things, here are some criteria to look for in a sales agent:

Knows Your Market

Selling a luxury home involves targeting your potential market with razor precision. The normal tactics could be great at getting people in the door and having an adequate listing, but without the right ingredients a real buyer will almost never materialize.

Some traits of the luxury market include:

  • People aged 34 to 58
  • Experienced with home buying and negotiating. A luxury home is typically an upgrade or a lateral move from a similarly valuable property
  • Tech savvy and interested in details
  • Typically moving short distances of between 7 to 12 miles, meaning your market will most likely be local
  • They want the best quality neighborhoods and schools
  • Online is usually the first place they will look
  • They choose only to work with the most reputable buyer’s agents
  • Well-paid professionals looking for reasonable commute times

An expert luxury home realtor will be familiar with all of these characteristics. They will know how to mobilize local selling networks and what features to emphasize for the highest impact.

Sets the Right Price

Coming up with a listing price is a science. You will want to price the home fairly for the value you have put into it, but you will want a low enough price to keep the home competitive and quick to gain interest.

Finding this happy medium is no easy feat. In extreme circumstances, an appraisal may be needed to avoid surprises should the buyer be seeking a mortgage. The right realtor will have an instinctive feel for price setting and will seek the ideal price to get plentiful offers.

Helps You Get Gorgeous Listing Photos

Buyers have more options than ever for scouting out the market. Sites like Trulia, Zillow and even Facebook or Twitter can give rich troves of information about a listed home along with high quality photos.

To help your listing stand out, you will need professional-quality photos taken from the perfect angle and in the perfect lighting to make your home practically jump out of the screen. Sumptuous looking photos are one of your best bets for attracting interested buyers, and the information you include can help reel in the less easily impressed. Keep in mind that buyers are now ruling out homes by the handful before they even set foot in them based on online listings.

Acts Like a Consummate Professional

Personal connections matter in the business world. While everybody wants someone who can get results, people that are easier to work with are less likely to blow the deal in its most vital moment.

A professional, experienced agent will be able to present him or herself well to buyers and always be available for inquiries. Someone who is polite and warm during conversations will make a great impression on buyers and keep them hooked on the idea of buying your home. Being a realtor also requires having an airtight schedule to help get the buyer and the seller ready for a showing without any surprises or setbacks, meaning organization is key.

If you are looking to list a luxury home for sale in Ardmore or anywhere else on the Main Line, we humbly request that you give us a chance to prove we have all these qualities. Our listings look amazing, are mobile friendly and are optimized to reach the most likely buyers for your luxury property. Visit our company information page to learn more about how we can help you.

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In-Depth Community Profile: Villanova

Villanova has a big personality for covering such a small area. Many out-of-town people are surprised to find that over 9,000 people call the community home. Neither officially a census designated place nor an incorporated area, Villanova is formally designated by its ZIP code: 19085.

While Villanova University is the most notable and defining feature of the area, it does not define the living situation for many of the area’s residents. Instead, they are drawn to the incredible collection of neighborhoods boasting some of the Main Line’s highest property values. In fact, the eastern section of Villanova was ranked as the 39th wealthiest neighborhood in the country, with an astounding median household income of $366,000.

Living in Villanova

Many of the town residents are families with young children. These children attend Gladwyne Elementary school at a young age, followed by Welsh Valley Middle School then Harriton High School as they get older.

Since many of the residents are supremely affluent, they are also keen on sending their children to private institutions. The all-girls Agnes Irwin School in Rosemont is incredibly close by, while the all-boys Haverford School is also not too far away. Other popular private schools include the Episcopal Academy in Newtown Square, Country Day School of the Sacred Heart or Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, and the Catholic schools Academy of Notre Dame de Namur and Rosemont School of the Holy Child.

For recreation, residents have Skunk Hollow Park to the southwest and no less than seven golf courses within a mile of the area’s borders. Villanova University also offers the chance at many lovely strolls. Their campus landscaping crew strategically plants gorgeous and occasionally exotic trees lining the historical buildings and pathways.

Some would assume that the university is the biggest employer, but a higher percentage of people work in administration or management, with teaching trailing behind as the third most common occupation. Around 12 percent of residents telecommute, working from home with nearby businesses or on their own enterprises. Many others ride the SEPTA rail or drive to economic hubs near Philadelphia to get to work every day.

The Bryn Mawr teaching hospital is another common job source, providing excellent healthcare resources in addition to educational services for medical students.

Luxury Homes in Villanova

One of Villanova’s most prominent characteristics is its incredible volume of extremely valuable homes and properties. Trulia reports that the average listing price as of February was $2.1 million and the median sales price from November to February 15th was $1,675,000.

Residents can afford to live here thanks to their high-paying jobs. The median household income is a staggering $159,500, and the per capita income is just over $50,000. An abundance of gorgeous homes and a low-key residential atmosphere have attracted many notable temporary residents, the most famous of which was Will Smith — who rented a $7.1 million home in 2012 while filming near the area.

Anyone that wants to live in a quiet, picturesque community right next to a gorgeous historical college campus should look no further than the Villanova luxury homes for sale. You can find the perfect home for you and your family by taking a look at our Villanova luxury property listings.

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