In-Depth Community Overview: Springfield

Springfield is a more prototypical American small town than much of the Main Line in all of the best ways possible. It is larger at 25,000 people and has a robust municipal government, making Springfield self-sufficient and less dependent on its neighboring communities for services.

As a result, life around Springfield is less idiosyncratic but no less idyllic than any other place near the Main Line. Residents are just as focused on community values and raising families in an upper-middle class lifestyle.

Springfield’s Early History

Springfield shares a common historical tale of progress and development with thousands of other communities throughout America. While most of the Main Line was first formed by wealthy Philadelphia elites constructing summer estates, Springfield was planned from the beginning to be a bastion of upper middle class living.

Its legacy began far back in 1700 when the first Welsh Quakers settled along with William Penn. The first roads were designed to link meeting houses so that rural congregations could meet and worship together during the week. Most of the area was farmland, followed by a rapid industrialization at the end of the 19th century. Springfield’s abundant creeks and streams made the region perfect for constructing mills.

The Turn of the Century

By the beginning of the 20th century, enough citizens had the income to support small, local businesses in the area. As companies became more successful, they expanded and new ones came to join their market. Soon, the Baltimore Pike road had become a corridor for economic activity — one of the busiest outside the Philadelphia area. A shopping district known as the “golden mile” sprung up, which included one of the first instances of a department store chain expanding to the suburbs.

At only ten miles away from Philadelphia, the area was ripe for the construction of single-family homes. Throughout the 50s, 60s and 70s, developers bought up the farmland plots and refashioned them into desirable neighborhoods.

One of the most notable neighborhoods constructed was Stoney Creek. This development was atypical in that all of the homes were given unique floor plans and building features so that no two were alike. Well-planned communities characterize how Springfield looks today.

Living in Springfield

Springfield is located adjacent to Media, with easy access to major roads like Baltimore Pike and I-476. To the south of the town lies the Morton-Rutledge SEPTA rail station for even more convenient commuting.

As mentioned before, Springfield has an independent array of community services, including its own public library, police force and school system. The Springfield country club features one of the nicest and closest municipal golf courses to the Philadelphia area as well as an indoor skating rink.

Many areas and fields were preserved during development, creating Springfield’s extensive system of 24 public parks that spans 211 acres. Residents and athletic organizations take full advantage of these recreational facilities all year round. Another desirable feature of Springfield is its two-story shopping mall. The center is a hub of community activity as well as an economic cornerstone.

Home prices in Springfield are much more affordable than most areas near the Main Line. While the median household income is still quite high at $103,000 for a family of four, property prices list for an average of $316,000 with a median closing price of $245,000. There are also many luxury homes in Springfield that can be found for $500,000 to a million and upwards in some of the more desirable neighborhoods.

To find a Springfield luxury home to call your own, you can view our current Springfield home listings.

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How to Prepare Your Luxury Home for a Spring Sale

February is barely off of our calendars, but the smell of spring is already in the air. This time of year is the absolute busiest for home buyers and sellers, so bracing yourself early can help you hit the ground running when your home is listed. Here are some of the best ways to help prepare your home for its big debut:

Start Curb Appeal Projects Early

Getting your landscaping in order now can make your efforts down the road much easier. Undergrowth and limbs are still dry, and the dead vegetation will still be simple to clear away since the spring rains have not yet set in.

Use this state to your advantage. Hire someone or glove up yourself and clear away as much excessive growth as possible. The more light that hits your lawn and plant beds, the more lush and green everything will be once spring truly kicks in.

Pare Down Belongings

As most people begin organizing and gearing up for spring cleaning, they may be shocked to find what has been hanging out in their closets. Since you will be moving soon, spring cleaning is an opportune time to get rid of the things that will not be making the trip with you. Start giving things away, selling them or donating them to a good cause to make your house easier to move around in and look roomier at the same time.

Create and Start Whittling Down a Repair Checklist

A home inspector will likely be looking over your property soon. While you are not a building expert or an engineer, you do have a pair of good eyes and some common sense. Take a look around your home, especially areas under the sink, in the basement, up on the roof and behind your washer and dryer. Spots like these will likely have small repair projects that can be taken care of with a simple toolbox.

You should also start making a checklist for contractor projects that a professional can handle. The more small problems you knock out now, the less people will try to haggle with your price once the home is listed.

Weigh Importance of Major Upgrades

If you will be listing in a few short months, major projects should be wrapping up by this point. An entire kitchen remodel or flooring project could take several weeks, so commit now or forever hold your peace.

Smaller projects like replacing fixtures, painting and adding simple upgrades will create a lot less stress and pressure at this point in the year. Remember that replacing your front door has one of the best return on investment rates of any home-related purchase.

Start Researching Your Market

Soon, you will have to come up with an asking price and work with a real estate agent to come up with a compelling listing. Get a feel for how other homeowners have managed the process by pulling up past and current home listings. Looking at comparable homes in the area can give you a strong idea of how much you can ask for your home and what features to emphasize.

While you are at it, start networking with trusted friends to get the word out that you are trying to sell. You can find great ideas for contractors, inspectors, real estate agents or even leads for possible buyers. Make sure that you only trust a qualified real estate representative with experience selling luxury homes in Lower Merion or whatever neighborhood you happen to live in.

For some help getting everything in order, Main Line Home Center would love to assist you. We have the knowledge to list and sell your home to the best buyer at the best price. Take a look at our information page to learn more about why we are one of the best agencies in the area.

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In-Depth Community Real Estate Profile: Bala Cynwyd

Bala Cynwyd is one of the oldest and most close-knit communities on the Main Line. The town of just over 9,000 people sits in the southeast corner of the acclaimed Lower Merion Township.

Residents can tout their fiercely proud and highly active Bala Cynwyd Neighborhood Association. The group holds monthly meetings and organizes key events on the community’s social calendar. Overall, Bala Cynwyd is an idyllic slice of neighborhood living and small-town businesses located conveniently close to Philadelphia and along the SEPTA rail system.

Shopping and Activities in Bala Cynwyd

While most of the Main Line is primarily residential, Bala Cynwyd boasts plenty of commercial opportunities. The oldest area of the community has been converted into a shopping center full of local businesses occupying historical buildings. Bala Theatre and Bala Pizza are mainstays of community residents. Clothing stores, insurance agencies, other restaurants and the Main Line BMW also anchor the area with venerable services.

To the southeast of Bala Cynwyd lies the Bala Cynwyd shopping center. This area is home to boutique stores like Lord and Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as local favorites like the Philadelphia-based Honeygrow restaurant. Bala Plaza nearby also features chain stores like Target and a thriving commercial area that is home to businesses like Philadelphia Insurance, Susquehanna International, Schlesinger Associates, the Dubin Group and the Main Line Surgery Center.

In addition to office spaces and local stores, Bala Cynwyd also features a large amount of diverse restaurant fare. Hymie’s Delicatessen and the Citron and Rose both provide award-winning kosher food, and other restaurants like Baitong, Saffron Indian Kitchen and Pescatore provide note-worthy ethnic cuisine.

There is also a lot of green space in Bala Cynwyd. Much of the area is taken up by the sprawling West Laurel Hill and Westminster cemeteries, both of which offer verdant hills and peaceful walks among the historically-rich headstones and memorials.

Bala Cynwyd park nearby is the site of the annual Fourth of July celebration organized by the Neighborhood Association. The event typically features decorated bicycles, floats, costumed marchers, jugglers, clowns and all sorts of entertainers. Boy Scout Troop Bala One is also recognized at the celebration — one of the oldest Boy Scout troops in the country, predating the formation of the Boy Scouts of America coalition.

Education in Bala Cynwyd

In addition to the vibrant community, Bala Cynwyd also has plenty of high-quality residential services. The Bala Cynwyd library has some of the most active patrons in the country, checking out more books than 99 percent of all other library systems.

Lower Merion’s school district also serves Bala Cynwyd children well with an elementary school and middle school that can be proud of both its awards and its historic campus. Most older children attend the Lower Merion High School, one of the top public schools in the nation.

Additionally, for such a small town Bala Cynwyd has a great deal of diverse private educational institutions. Kohelet Yeshiva High School, Waldron Mercy Academy and the French International School are all located within the community’s boundaries.

Living in Bala Cynwyd

Many of Bala Cynwyd’s neighborhoods are composed of historic stone mansions built between the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many of the other homes are gorgeous and sizable split-levels constructed following the suburban boom of post-World War II.

Bala Cynwyd’s affluent population — possessing a sizeable per-capita income of over $66,000 — can afford to live in some of the most beautiful and stately homes near Philadelphia. The average listing price and median sales price are both around $450,000, but a staggering number of large estates and mansions costing in the millions are typically up for sale in some of the most enviable neighborhoods.

Clearly, Bala Cynwyd is an excellent place to raise a family and spend time with friendly neighbors. To find one of the luxury homes in Bala Cynwyd to call your own, take a look at our luxury Bala Cynwyd home listings.

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St. Patrick’s Day in Philadelphia Main Line

Pennsylvania, especially the Philadelphia area, has a rich Irish history dating back to before the Revolutionary War. Philadelphia actually has the second largest Irish immigrant population in the United States. At 14.2 percent of the population, Irish descendants make up the largest ethnic group in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Because of the sheer amount of Irish immigrants and descendants, the Main Line celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with more fervor than most regions.

Conshohocken and Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Conshohocken has Main Line’s biggest St. Patrick’s parade. Held this year on Saturday, March 14th at 2:00 p.m., the parade marches down a one mile stretch of downtown Conshohocken and is organized by the Ancient Order of Hiberians’ passionate Conshohocken chapter. Following the parade will be celebrations for adults and children alike in the multitude of pubs and restaurants in downtown Conshy.

Leading up to the Conshy parade will the Grand Marshalls Ball on March 7th at Elmwood Park Zoo’s banquet hall. The HOA’s Irish Thunder Pipes & Drums Band will be performing, and the Coyle School of Irish Dance will lead traditional dances for all the crowd to join in later.

An Irish coffee contest will take place on Thursday, March 12th. Adults in the area get to try their hand at competing for the most potent or palatable Irish coffee recipes, and the crowd often gets to sample plenty of spiked beverages of their own.

Of course, the Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day parade is the highlight of the season. The parade will take place on Sunday, March 15th at noon this year, marching past the Philadelphia Art Museum and ending at the banks of the Schuylkill River on Lemon Hill.

The Great Narberth Leprechaun Hunt

Narberth’s Business Association has begun an endearing tradition that Main Line children love. Each child attending gets a small plastic pot and searches for leprechauns in a large scavenger hunt throughout downtown Narberth. Anyone who finds ten leprechauns will get a shiny “gold” coin in the form of a U.S. dollar coin.

Local businesses and organizations will also have vending booths and refreshment stands. This event brings out the best in Narberth businesses, who usually run lunch specials and sales on gifts and sundries.

Spending St. Patty’s at the Pub

What would St. Patrick’s Day be without a traditional evening at the pub? There are several Main Line area pubs that serve excellent food and cheap drinks to mark the St. Patty’s celebration.

  • Maggie O’Neills in Drexel Hill is a popular three story pub notable for its savory Guinness hot wings and friendly atmosphere.
  • Brittingham’s in Lafayette Hill has a time-honored “kegs & eggs” event taking place for the lucky few that can get off on Tuesday, March 17th from 8-11 a.m. Those who miss breakfast can still join later for live music and Irish dancers all day long.
  • The Glenmorgan Bar & Grill at the Radnor Hotel has yet to announce their 2015 St. Patrick’s Day event, but they typically offer drink specials and a unique menu to mark the occasion.

No matter what or events you choose to attend, the Main Line is sure to offer you a great time this St. Patrick’s Day. Best of all, the convenience of the SEPTA rail system means that anyone can get home safe after a long day’s worth of green beer.

To catch this sort of fun all year round, consider moving into a luxury home in Narberth or any of the other fantastic Main Line communities. Take a look at our luxury Main Line home listings to find a new spot to call home where you can join in on the exciting St. Patrick’s Day celebration every year.

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In-Depth Community Real Estate Profile: Wynnewood

Wynnewood is one of the larger communities on the Main Line at around 13,500 people. Like most of the other Main Line communities, the area is populated by wealthy, salaried workers and their families who commute using a convenient rail station.

Part of what makes Wynnewood different from the rest of the Main Line — other than its size — is its proximity to Philadelphia. It is one of the first communities outside of the urban area of Philadelphia and thus has a higher number of large, opulent homes and businesses.

Living in Wynnewood

Wynnewood is comprised of mostly residential areas with parks and shopping areas dotted in between. The Wynnewood Shopping Center is located just across Lancaster Avenue/US Highway 30, and the Whole Foods shopping center is adjacent. Both are also located within several feet of the Wynnewood rail station.

One of Wynnewood’s notable features are its large car dealerships. Luxury brands like Acura, Audi and Infiniti are all right within a row on Lancaster Ave.

There are also many public parks in Wynnewood. South Ardmore Park lies partially in Wynnewood, and it provides a free or low-cost summer camp while school is out. Penn Wynne Park lies to the south and Wynnewood Valley Park is another popular spot for relaxation and recreation. Shortridge Memorial Park in particular just underwent a massive renovation project. The park has many paths using beautiful stone bridges over Indian Creek.

The Lower Merion School district encompasses most of Wynnewood. Area children have the option to attend prestigious schools like Lower Merion High School and Harriton High School. A number of private academies are also in the area. The Friends Central School is one of the oldest, and other schools like the French International School, Haverford Academy and Walder Mercy are all in nearby Lower Merion communities.

Like Lower Merion, Wynnewood is also home to a large Jewish population. In fact, the area of Lower Merion and Wynnewood is home to one of the largest Jewish communities in the country. Temple Beth Hillel and Congregation Beth Hamedrosh are all within walking distance of many neighborhoods, making them excellent for Shabbat services. There are also many Jewish schools in Wynnewood, such as the Perelman Jewish Day School, the Torah Academy and the Solomon Schechter School.

Luxury Wynnewood Homes for Sale

Wynnewood has a large population of high-earning workers. Over 95 percent of all residents have salaried jobs, mostly in health care, teaching, management and sales. The per capita income is over $64,000, meaning an average family of four has an annual income of around $260,000 — with a median income of $111,000. These figures follow along with the general Lower Merion Township area, which is the fifth most affluent township in the entire country.

Because of the concentration of wealthy families, many of the Wynnewood luxury homes for sale consistently hover around half a million dollars. As of February 11th, 2015, the average listing price was $505,000 and the median sales price was $408,000. There are also plenty of multimillion dollar properties and sizeable estates.

To find one of the Wynnewood luxury homes for sale to call your own, take a look at our luxury Wynnewood real estate listings.

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